Yikes–How Am I Going To Get This Heavy Suitcase Home?

by Donna on May 10, 2012

Getting all that stuff home

It is a given with travel–everything expands.  I have been on trips where clothing gets ditched, stockings torn and thrown in the trash, toiletries and lotions and favorite snacks consumed, and still my suitcase grows and gains weight.  The more I travel, the more my luggage seems mimics  my waistline.  Wearing extra pounds means that narrow airline seat is even more uncomfortable.  Carrying extra pounds in my suitcase means extra charges on my credit card.

Avoiding luggage fees

Luckily there are a few things we can do.  International baggage allowances are often a lot more lenient than US domestic.  If you are only flying as far as New York or Los Angeles or another first port of entry city, there is no problem.  Just collect your suitcase and go home.  It’s a little different for those of us with an onward flight.

In that case a little advance preparation can save a lot of money.  As long as the flight home is the same day make sure and book it on a carrier with an interline agreement.  That means the domestic carrier has a baggage agreement with the international carrier and your bag can be ticketed all the way through to your final destination.  On a recent trip that meant checking in at Istanbul my bag was ticketed to fly Istanbul to New York on Turkish Airlines then on Delta from New York to Cleveland.  All I had to do was pick it up at baggage claim in New York, exit customs, and drop it at the Turkish Airlines counter for transfer to Delta.  No rechecking, no lugging luggage to another terminal…..and no charges for all that heavy Turkish Delight candy and beautiful ceramics that had turned my bag into something resembling a cargo container!

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