The Journey to the Journey

by Donna on April 25, 2012

It is never easy to get anywhere from Akron.  Maybe that makes the journey and the chosen destination particularly special.  Although when transiting through the JFK airport, “special” does not seem like the proper adjective.  This airport is not for the faint of heart, or anyone with oversized luggage.

Like most of my trips, first I have to get to a large international airport, usually New York or Los Angeles, before the major trip begins.  In New York that means claiming my luggage, wheeling it across the terminal to the AirTrain elevator, up and onto the train.  Then on to the next terminal, up the escalator to the check-in gates and departure.  It is all well-marked, but still intimidating, not to mention tiring.  When I have explained the procedure to someone used to easy one-step Cleveland or even smaller Akron-Canton, the reaction is often dismay.

A veteran of long airport layovers, I’ve become an airport lounge junkie.  My treat is an expensive yearly pass to lounges in most of the places I go, including my homeport Cleveland.  Unlike me, most of the people in these lounges are probably traveling first or business class, but no one cares once signed in past the gatekeeper who only cares about my membership card, not my boarding pass.  Food, drinks, wifi, comfy chairs, quiet, sometimes even a shower, is there for all admitted to the inner sanctum.  Besides, it is my little reward for dragging my suitcase out the doors, up the ramps, over to the train, past all the check-in counters to a little oasis where I can really begin to anticipate my next adventure–Eastern Turkey!

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