Working Together


You want a  Travel Consultant who will work with you and for you.
It is your vacation or family reunion or honeymoon or lifetime dream. The latest “hot destination” or “special resort” is not important unless it is YOUR destination or YOUR special place. Finding out what that is, where that is, involves a lot more than picking up the latest brochure and calling a toll-free number.

Personal attention without time limits.

Getting your trip right does not always fit into a neat little schedule. Getting all the details right might take hours, days, or weeks. In planning travel it is the details not always apparent that make the difference.


The knowledge to prepare your trip best comes from personal experience. DreamMaker Destinations has traveled to over a hundred countries, from Alaska to Antarctica, from Tahiti to Timbuktu. These are personal trips, not free junkets from suppliers. Opinions are not compromised by handouts. We are working for you, not the wholesaler suppliers.

A fully licensed and insured agency.
DreamMaker Destinations, along with the parent company World Travel Management, holds the highest in industry credentials, including hard to get appointments by ARC (Airline Reporting Agency) and IATA (International Airline Travel Agents) and the highly regulated state licenses of California, Florida, Washington, and Nevada. Donna is a graduate of The Travel Institute, a CTA (Certified Travel Agent), and an ACC (Accredited Cruise Counselor). Donna is licensed to sell travel insurance in the State of Ohio and is insured through the Berkely group.

Complete documentation.
Personal identification and itinerary tags
Confirmations of all travel arrangements
Travel Itinerary with all necessary confirmation numbers

Peace of Mind
Knowing your trip details have been handled—priceless.



Commitment–It takes time to accurately plan your trip. It cannot be done in a quick five-minute price shopping call.

DreamMaker Destinations does its best to insure all your travel needs are met.  We work for you, not for any particular tour operator or hotel or airline.  Like other professionals who work for you we do have fees for our services.

Agreement to our terms and conditions and acceptance of our fee schedule:
Initial consultation FREE
Trip planning services $ 50-$250
Domestic air ticketing $ 25 per passenger
International air ticketing $ 50 per passenger
Multiple destination itinerary incl RTW $100 per passenger
Cancellation fee after booking $100 per passenger
Fed Ex deliveries $ 25



DreamMaker Destinations is acting in good faith as an intermediary between suppliers and travelers for the purchase of travel related products such as, but not limited to, air and ground transportation, hotel/resort accommodations, tours, cruises, vacation packages, and travel insurance.

DreamMaker Destinations researches a variety of suppliers and their products for each trip request. Only known or reputable suppliers are used in trip planning, but DreamMaker Destinations has no control over individual suppliers and doe not participate in running their businesses, determining their policies or procedures or determining their terms and conditions. DreamMaker Destinations will do everything possible to verify the quality of services provided, but travelers shall hold DreamMaker Destinations harmless and not responsible for any supplier omissions, errors, or illegal acts committed by the travel supplier or their employees.

Travel insurance will be offered, and if declined, traveler(s) shall hold DreamMaker Destinations harmless and not responsible for issues out of our control before or during travel that cause traveler inconvenience, pain or suffering, such as but not limited to known or unexpected trip interruptions, delays, lost documents, damages to personal property, civil/social /labor unrest and/or disputes, climactic weather conditions, terrorist activities, construction problems or other conditions that interrupt or prohibit travel.

Travelers are responsible for holding safe all travel documents, money, and credit cards, for satisfying proper inoculation and vaccine requirements, for verifying existing flight schedules and satisfying entry requirements for each destination.

Traveler(s) shall hold DreamMaker Destinations harmless and not responsible for any liabilities incurred from unauthorized or fraudulent use of credit card information used to book reservations. All money or credit card information given to DreamMaker Destinations is passed on to suppliers except for agent fees and commissions. Any refunds due traveler(s) from suppliers or issued to traveler(s) and received by DreamMaker Destinations shall be forwarded to the client, less any fees or monies owed to DreamMaker Destinations.

DreamMaker Destinations shall make every effort to offer reasonable travel options as per client request. DreamMaker Destinations will forward payments to suppliers as received from the traveler(s). DreamMaker Destinations will check all travel documents, forward them in a timely manner, and assist with any reasonable requests for additional information not outlined in these terms and conditions such as, but not limited to, destination information, country entry requirements, documents necessary for travel, and supplier terms and conditions.

In the unlikely event of supplier failure, traveler(s) shall hold DreamMaker Destinations harmless and not responsible for supplier insolvency, receivership, bankruptcy, or liquidation. DreamMaker Destinations will assist in providing substitute arrangements.

Any disputes with travel arranged by DreamMaker Destinations will be handled in a a timely manner.

This contract is governed by the laws of Ohio.


__________________________________________________________Donna Zabel, DreamMaker Destinations