“Donna is a fantastic travel agent!  Having used her services in the past I would not hesitate to recommend her to family and friends.”

—-Ryan Winkelmann, Construction Manager, Sales Manager at Winkelmann Design & Construction


Angela Colecchi

, Marketing Coordinator, Neoshred (business partner)
was a consultant or contractor to you

“Donna is a very knowledgeable person. We used her for our honeymoon and it was a great experience! My husband and I traveled overseas and she took care of all the necessary arrangements to and from the airport, hotel, and the cruise. When we were busy planning the wedding she did all of the work for the honeymoon. I definitely recommend her for your next trip!” February 23, 2011


Jim Koewler


“Donna is helping my family plan a trip to France. She’s found us a nice hotel, set up our rides to and from the airport, and identified sightseeing opportunities for us. She’s great to work with.”


Emily Kelly


“I was privileged to have Donna’s help in planning a trip to Iowa for a family reunion … I was not familiar with the area and the best way to get in and out of the town, and where to stay. Donna went above and beyond to make sure that my trip was as affordable and convenient as possible. And her customer service is unparalleled. She has traveled the world and has a vast knowledge of the travel industry and how to get the best trip for the best price. And she does it with a smile. It was enjoyable working with Donna and I would not hesitate to request her help in the future. Highly recommend!”


Sarah A. Sawaya


“All I needed for my international travel was a plane ticket, a task I felt should be simple enough to accomplish on my own. Too many options, layovers in unfamiliar airports and unexpectedly high prices sent me running to Donna who was more than happy to help. SUCH a relief to have her expertise and experience: I spent far less, had much better connecting flights and felt absolutely confident leaving for my trip. The next time I needed int’l plane tickets, after about five frustrating minutes of searching on my own, I called Donna again, with the same great results. And next time, I’ll just call her straight out – there’s simply no beating the peace of mind of having your trip planned by a professional travel agent with the experience Donna has.”


Megan L Eberhardt Dyer, Accout Executive, Baker Media Group, L.L.C

“Donna is extremely passionate about her work and is a seasoned world traveler.  She is cultured, educated, has an excellent understanding of what it takes to have life changing travels.  On top of that she is an excellent business woman and very involved with her community.”