Soaring Over Moon-scape Cappadocia

by Donna on April 27, 2012

The lack of sleep is forgotten at the sight of dozens of brightly-colored hot air balloons floating over the fairy-tale landscape of Cappadocia.  Especially as I am in one of the balloons.  This is a land of 10th century churches with vivid frescoes carved into limestone rocks.  I am sleeping in a unique cave hotel.  In another cave is a room made entirely of salt where we sit and breathe air designed to clear respiratory problems.  Then there is Turkish tea on a terrace overlooking one of the world’s most incredible landscapes.  This region in central Turkey, Cappadocia, is unique and unrivaled anywhere in the world.

If there is anything I would have changed about the day it would be to get more sleep.  Arriving at the hotel about 1:00 am following 30 hours of travel with a wake-up call at 5:00am is a little brutal, but the rewards were worth it.  Plus the copious amounts of delicious food provided enough fuel to keep going.

This was my first balloon ride and it did not disappoint.  The weather could not have been better–clear skies, very little wind, and moderate temperatures.  Seeing the beehive-like formations covering the land is a different experience from tromping through the opened churches in file formation.  There is no place quite  like it on earth.

The sky dotted with multi-colored balloons at 6:30 am is a very special sight.  If the scenery wasn’t enough, our entertaining pilot actually brought our plane down on top of the towing platform with perfect precision.  Getting a bunch of clumsy Americans out of the basket was a different story, but everyone made it thanks to a strong young fellow who carried us down, one by one.  (I do not recall any of us middle-aged women complaining!)  Champagne toasts and medal rewards all around to celebrate out adventure!


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