Searching For My Lake

by Donna on March 20, 2012


More rain and wind.  Exploring Lake Como might be difficult.  But everyone is starting the day in a good mood after a fun evening.  First we started with Laura instructing us in a proper northern Italian bar experience.  For the price of our wine, it is possible to enjoy a huge variety of tiny bits, if that is how the platters lining the counter at the Bar Toscana can be described.  It’s enough to make a meal: squares of fresh pizza, mozzarella balls, olives, and artichoke hearts marinated in a spicy pepper mixture, little purple onions and bigger marinated leeks.  Mushrooms, cheeses, sausages, rice salad, toast rounds with prosciutto.

That was just for appetizers and to get everyone in a relaxed mood.  From there it was a short walk to a historic building and the Ristorante Sociale, a favorite after theatre hangout of locals snuggled under an arcade near the Duomo.  The evening lights shining on the elegant Duomo surrounded by the pedestrian streets of the old city gives the entire area a wonderful old world feel.   Our dining table was loaded with bottle of local red and white wines.  There were two starters, not one: a penne pasta with basil and fresh Romano, and a wonderful risotto made with trevisana, a local vegetable, cooked into Arborio rice.  For anyone still with able to eat, there was marinated grilled meat, fresh seasonal vegetable, and apple cake.  Expresso so we had enough energy to walk back through the old city streets.  Now I really know I’m back in Italy!

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