35,000 Mile High Treats

by Donna on May 8, 2012

Learning to enjoy luxury

Usually I turn right instead of left when boarding the aircraft for my international flight.  But thanks to Turkey At Its Best I recently enjoyed the delights of business class travel on Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to New York.  After two exhausting travel through Eastern Turkey, I found myself in a seat big enough to rival a barcolounger.  There must have been a good three feet from the end of my seat to the seat in front of me.  I had a full-sized pillow, a fluffy blanket, slippers and eye mask.  A smiling attendant handed me the menu for a four course meal and a wine list.  A real chef complete with white hat introduced himself.

With free wifi available, I had every intention of working on the long flight.  That was before the second glass of wine, and cognac offered to accompany the chocolate souffle and tiramisu.   And before I decided to find out if the seat really reclined 180  degrees.  It did.  And the next thing I knew it was 6 hours later.  So I never got to try out the nice headset for watching movies on my personal 12 inch screen.  Or check my email or skyp my husband to find out what frozen dinner he had eaten that night.

Endless pampering

Possibly an even bigger surprise was my Turkish Airlines Comfort class seat from New York to Istanbul a long two weeks prior.  My expectations were maybe a few extra inches of leg room in a standard coach class cattle car seat.  Wrong.  While not the full bed at the front of the plane, comfort did have a large seat, plenty of legroom, and excellent food.  The experience was like the old business class seats of years ago and well worth the extra money.

Maybe the biggest surprise of all with Turkish Airlines were all the meals served, even on domestic flights of barely over an hour.  The first night, a long-delayed flight from Istanbul to Cappadocia, I was certain all I wanted was to sleep, not eat.  That was before being served a meal of fresh seabass steamed in parchment with root vegetables.  It had to be finished.

Turkish Airlines has just become my favorite airline.

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