10 Tips to Keep Your Caribbean Vacation Fun

by Donna on January 29, 2012

A favorite destination for many, especially those of us living in Northeast Ohio, is a sunny island in the Caribbean.  Your vacation should be carefree, and with a little advance preparation it will be.

  1. Pack the sunscreen and hat and use them!  The Caribbean sun is strong.  Red is for lobsters, not humans.
  2. Pack some bug spray.  That lovely beachfront restaurant is open to all comers and you do not want to be the main course.
  3. Take small American bills.  Even at an all-inclusive resort there may be the occasion for a tip or a trinket to buy.  Dollars are accepted, but don’t expect anyone to make change.
  4. Pack light.  It is hot and humid and you are going for the sun and sand.  However, many restaurants, especially at the fancier resorts, require men to wear long pants, closed shoes, and long sleeves at dinner.  The long sleeves may be negotiable as long as the shirt has a collar.
  5. If bringing a laptop, check the hotel’s internet connection before you leave.  Not all hotels are wireless, and you may need to bring that old cable from home.  (Or buy an overpriced one from the desk as I had to do.)  Regardless of type of connection, expect to pay a fee for using the laptop from the room.
  6. Check out the water.  A lot of hotels filter their water, but it’s best to play it safe with bottled water.  Be sure to drink lots of it.
  7. Try not to overindulge right away.  Sun and fun will make you thirsty and those Bahama Mama’s go down very easily.  You don’t want one night to ruin the rest of your trip.
  8. Make a copy of your passport.  Tuck the copy, a passport sized photo (get cheap ones at CVS or Walgreen’s), and some emergency cash in a plastic zip-lock bag.  Put it someplace separate from your actual documents.  This makes it a lot easier to replace stolen or lost documents.
  9. Take all your medications and absolute essentials of life in your carry-on.  For me that includes my passport, money, medicine bag, change of clothes (at least underwear), a small bottle of my favorite shampoo, and my makeup bag.  Don’t forget the bathing suit.  Make your own list and double check.
  10. Relax and Enjoy!


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